About Us


Founded in 2013, Epic Artists Films was formed to create mesmerizing images to present unique and entertaining content.

Always seeking to strike the right balance between commercially viable films that are also artistic, EA firmly believes in raising the bar higher. Our aim is to create film and TV content in the indie spirit, but with studio style.

Memorable films are crafted by dedicated professionals who honor and respect their craft, and by those who are fully invested in the projects. Our intent is to collaborate with other artists in the industry who share with us those same core values on every single project that we touch - big or small.

Crystal Diane Stevens

Having double-majored in both film and literature at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City, Ms. Stevens began her work in the film industry working with Academy-Award winning Director/Actress, Lee Grant. Serving as Story Analyst, Ms. Stevens immersed herself in story-telling techniques by also taking subsequent work in screenplay evaluation and development for numerous producers in New York; Raw Films, Fever-Dreams Films, etc.

She was also selected by producer Mikaela Beardsley to serve as Research Associate on the Martin Scorsese documentary, “Airbus, " and also briefly served as a back-up reader for Harvey Keitel's production company.

Her feature script, "Organized Criminal" has been recognized twice by the prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Nicholl Fellowship, placing in the Top 15% of all entries.

In 2015, Ms. Stevens acted as a judge for the Shortz! Film Festival in CA and has also been selected to serve on the screening committee at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. In 2017, she will act as a judge for the Buffalo Niagra film festival judging both feature screenplay submissions and short film submissions as well.

She has earned some 25 honors at festivals all across the United States on the last three short films that she wrote and produced. Selections and awards available upon request.

Solange of Hollywood

In 2008, Solange won an Emmy and received 2 Emmy Nominations for HBO’s series, JOHN ADAMS. In 2002, she won a Golden Reel Award for BLACK HAWK DOWN. She has 25 other nominations spanning her career, 7 of which are Oscar-nominated features.  

Solange has over 150 feature film credits and is a member of AMPAS, ATAS, MPSE and MPEG Local 700.  

In 1979, she graduated with Honors from UCLA with Bachelor of Arts in Motion Picture/Television. Her career started with features such as GREMLINS, GOONIES, and THE COLOR PURPLE. 

Many of the features Solange has worked on were major features and their sequels, such as PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, I, GEMLINS, I & II. DIE HARD, I, II, & III. She also worked on LETHAL WEAPON, parts II, II and IV, and STAR TREK IV and V. 

Solange’s sound editing experience on 35mm films has allowed her to bring her critical listening to cutting edge digital media. After 13 years of sound editing on 35mm, she has now put in over 17 years on Pro Tools. She brings her film experience to the big Screen in the digital domain. 

Solange has a very versatile background. She has been Sound Supervisor, Foley Supervisor, ADR Supervisor, Dialogue Editor, FX Editor and Background Editor. Her organizational skills and file/folder management creates a very linear workflow for ADR, foley stages, and the dub stages. She is terrific to work with, as many editors and mixers will attest to. 

All references are available upon request

Vivienne Tucker-Davis

Founder of Life Thru Song Ministry, Vivienne brings years of experience as an Executive Assistant and Manager. Wearing many hats, Vivienne’s involvement with Trendy Pictures began as one of their Sponsors. However, having multiple business skills in accounting, writing, and customer service, Ms. Davis began working closely with Trendy and has expanded her skills to assist with seeking sponsorships, making presentations, festival coordination, and overseeing many creative aspects of projects alongside Ms. Stevens on trailers, websites, and other areas of marketing and post-production. Vivienne is a reliable member of the team and is one of the new producing partners at Epic Artists Films.

Micheal Mejia

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Michael Mejia is a producer of several short films.  Having met Francisco Ordonez while both attended Queens College, Michael served as producer on both Francisco’s award-winning short films ST. PAUL and COOKIE.  Michael is reuniting with Francisco to produce the feature film “Raquel.”
Michael earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and International Business and further completed certificate programs in Film Production at both New York University and the New York Film Academy. He has worked in entertainment, investment, and private equity companies in New York City and Miami, having gained knowledge in Accounting, Budgeting, Business Development, Financial Analysis, Marketing and Sales. 
Michael is currently working with several production companies on other feature films in various stages of development.  He resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is proud to be one the partners at Epic Artists Films. 

Joseph Giacalone

Seeking only to deliver the finest quality, Mr. Giacalone founded Trendy Pictures after years of experience on the agent and television side of the industry.  Now an award-winning producer for his work as Executive Producer on the “Organized Criminal,” prequel/short film, Mr. Giacalone is looking forward to building upon that with more awards on Trendy’s last film, SINS and also working with the partners at Epic Artists Films to move forward on the “Organized Criminal” feature film along with other projects in 2014.